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Bail Bonds in Suwannee County, FL

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Thank you for visiting our page and showing an interest in Brennan Bail Bonds Agency. As you will see, our experience makes us a wise choice if you need to bail a friend or loved one out of jail. We have seen it all and have worked on many different kinds of cases. We work with several different types of bonds on a regular basis. We have experience with federal and immigration bonds as well as the less complicated state bonds.

Our agents are extremely efficient and ready to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Whether you are posting a simple signature bond or a collateral bond where we have to find and verify the value of an item that is going to be used to secure the bond, we got this. We will do everything possible to make sure we can meet your needs. We go over and above what other bail bonds agencies are willing to do to make you happy. You are the ones who are dealing with the stress of a loved one that has been arrested. Our goal is to share the burden with you and do what is needed to get them back home with you where they belong.

Privacy and confidentiality are extremely important to us. We take every precaution to protect and secure your information. No one else needs to know your business and we make sure that they do not have access on our watch. When you hire us to be your bail bonds agency, we take that role seriously. We will treat you like family and want to make sure you know that we are putting you first and foremost when it comes down to ensuring that everything is done correctly and in a timely manner. We want you to feel safe and secure when you have us in your corner.

The Brennan Bail Bonds website was designed to perform several roles. Not only was it supposed to be informative, it was also designed so that it would be easy to use. Individuals who are dealing with the stress of having a loved one in jail, do not want to spend hours trying to figure out how to navigate a website. One of the things our website has that not many others do, is a breakdown of how each county handles the bail bonds process. Every county is different and it can be confusing trying to figure out how things are handled from place to place.

Brennan Bail Bonds has a unique feature that lets us help clients whether they are stuck at home due to an illness or vacationing across the country. Our Bail by Phone feature allows us to take a client's information and do all of the paperwork over the phone. The only items needed to use this feature are a valid credit card (Visa, American Express, MasterCard or Discover) and a fax/copy machine. The application is faxed to you. All you have to do is print it out, fill in the information, sign it and return it by fax. Call our office and provide a valid credit card so we can receive the payment for the premium and the process will begin in a matter of minutes.

The Suwannee County Bail Bonds Process:

The bail bonds process is rather simple and easy to complete. Immediately after hearing that a loved one has been arrested, you should call our office and get the paperwork started. You can also visit our office any hour of the day or night. Arrests are not made by appointment and we do not require you to call before you come in. Every Brennan Bail Bonds office is staffed 24 hours a day so we can serve you when you need us. We will not make you wait. You will need to provide us with some basic information such as name, birth date, possible location, and if you have it, the exact date of their arrest.

When the application is completed and the premium paid, our agent will be off to the jail to post the defendant's bail. After he or she is released, we will meet with them so they understand what they must do to remain in compliance with the court's requirements. We will also provide them with the date and time of their scheduled court hearing. There are some cases, where the defendant would like for us to go with them. Our agents are prepared to do so if the defendant requests it.

If the defendant does not show up to their scheduled hearing, it will be up to us, as the bonding agent to retrieve them and return them to the jail so we do not lose our bail bond money. We take our job seriously and can understand if someone forgets or is too ill to attend court. If that is the case, call us and we can make the appropriate arrangements. Things happen that are out of your control. Don't let those things derail your court case, though. Take the necessary steps and safe guard yourself. Call the courts or your bail bond agent to let them know exactly what is going on.

As a co-signer you have rights too. You are not under any obligation to assume the risk of signing a bail bond. If you believe for any reason, that the defendant will not appear in court, you can refuse to sign the contract. You must remember, however, that if you do choose to take responsibility for the defendant, you may stand to lose the entire amount of the bail bond if they do not comply with the court's requirements. If they fail to appear or commit other crimes while out on bail, their bond can be revoked. Once it has been forfeited, the bail bonds agency will look to you for full compensation of their losses.

If you are in immediate need of a qualified and reputable bail bonds agency, look no further. Call Brennan Bail Bonds today at 888-354-9011. Our agents are ready, willing and able to serve your every need when it comes to bail bonds and making sure your rights are protected. Let our agents help you get through this difficult time. We can answer your questions and soothe your nerves. We will always be only a phone call away.

Suwannee County Information Guide

Suwannee County Jail
200 South Ohio/MLK Ave.
Live Oak, Florida 32064
(386) 364-3778

Suwannee County Clerk of Courts