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Bail Bonds in Leon County, FL

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Being arrested can result in financial hardships for the entire family. If a family member has been arrested, it is extremely important to protect their financial future. Don't let just anyone handle their case.

In Lee County, Florida, posting bail is not that difficult. It can be confusing if you are unfamiliar with the system. Every county has its own way of handling the bail bonds process. Hiring Brennan Bail Bonds agents to take control of the situation takes the stress off of you and lets them do what they do best. Our agents can guide you every step of the way so your loved one will be able to come home much sooner than later. In some cases, they may be released in just a few short hours.

Brennan Bail Bonds are experts in the field. We take pride in being as professional as possible, while guaranteeing our expedited services to those who need us the most. The agents of Brennan Bail Bonds have worked hard to build the company's reputation. With 20 years of experience, our company stands above the rest as one of the best in the business.

If you use a major credit card to secure the bond, you keep your cash from being tied up for the duration of the trial. Using a bail bonds agent means you only have to post 10 percent of the total bail amount. When using our services, you don't have to come up with large sums of money or wonder when you will be getting it back. Even if part of the information is missing, our agents will be able to find what is missing. The agents of Brennan Bail Bonds are here to make sure you have all you need to make an informed decision. The process will go much faster if you have all of the information we require.

If you qualify, you may be eligible for a payment plan. For this to occur, the bond must be valued at a specific amount, otherwise the bond must be paid in full. Individuals who own property have a much better chance of being eligible for payment plans through our agency. Most bail bonds agencies have payment plans that can run for 24 months.

Call our office today at 888-354-9011to get your loved one out of jail fast. We can help you through the process.

Leon County Jail
535 Appleyard Drive
Tallahassee, FL 32304
(850) 922-3500 Booking
(850) 922-3450 Warrants Division

Leon County Sheriff
2825 Municipal Way
Tallahassee, FL. 32304
(850) 922-3300

Leon County Clerk of Court
Misdemeanor: (850) 577-4130
Felony: (850) 577-4070
Leon County Official Records

Leon County State Attorney
(850) 606-6000

Leon County Public Defender
(850) 606-1001