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Bail Bonds in St. Johns County, FL

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By visiting our website, you will be able to determine how extensive our reach is when it comes to posting bail bonds in St. Johns County, FL. At Brennan Bail Bonds, our agents are able to go anywhere in the state of Florida to secure the release of one of our clients. If you discover a loved one has been arrested, you should call us immediately. We can find out the information you need and get the bail bond process started.

Everyone has the right to request fair and reasonable bail. Bail is guaranteed by the 8th amendment as long as the defendant has not committed an extremely violent crime or presents a significant flight risk. Crimes that involve the death or traumatic injury to another human being are considered severe enough that bail is often denied. Individuals, who are habitual offenders and have appeared in front of the judge several times for the same crime, may be denied the right to bail simply for the fact that it prevents them from breaking the law while they are out on bail. In these cases, the judge may grant bail, but set it high enough that the defendant will find it difficult to raise the funds needed for the bail bonds agent.

Call our office at 888-354-9011. When you call one of our agents, rest assured you will talk directly to a licensed agent who is prepared to take on your case. Give us the information we need to do our job and then sit back and watch us work. We will have your loved one on their way home in a few short hours. Once we have the process underway, all you have to do is sit back and relax.

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  • 20 years trusted experience in the bail bonds industry
  • Always available 24/7/365 including holidays and weekends
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  • Can work anywhere in the state of Florida
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Our agents understand the stress involved with being arrested. It is not easy on the defendant or their family members. Maintaining the highest level of dignity and respect is important to our clients. This is why we make sure all of our agents abide by our guarantee of 100 % confidentiality. You trust your case to us. In return, we guarantee your personal information is in good hands. Aside from professionalism, another area that we feel is extremely important is personal service. Each of our offices is staffed around the clock. We feel it is important that your phone call will be answered by a live agent, no matter what time of day you call.

St. Johns County, FL

The population of St. Johns County, Florida as of 2010 was 190,039. Created in 1821, St. Johns County was named after the St. Johns River that acts as its border to the west. It was one of the original counties when the state of Florida was first organized.

St. Johns County Jail
4015 Lewis Speedway
St. Augustine, FL 32084
(904) 824-8304

St. Johns County Clerk of Courts
(904) 819-3600