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Bail Bonds in Sarasota County, FL

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Sarasota County residents can count on Brennan Bail Bonds agents to be there if a friend or family member is arrested and put in jail. We know it can be a distressing experience, especially if you have never had to deal with law enforcement or bail bond agents. We have the answers to all of your questions. We can explain the bail bond process and provide you with all of the guidance you will need to get you through this difficult time.

All of our agents are licensed and insured. We are able to work anywhere within the state of Florida. With our numerous locations, we can have an agent ready to post a bond in a matter of minutes. A quick phone call to our office and you will be talking directly to an agent who can get the process started while you are on the phone. Once you have provided us with the information we need and secured the payment for the premium, the agent closest to the jail where the defendant is being held will be on the way to bail them out.

It is important to provide us with the right information if you want the bail bond process to go smoothly. We must have the defendant's full, legal name and their accurate birth date. If you can provide us with the exact date of their arrest, their pending charges, where they are being held and the total amount of their bail, the process will go much quicker. The more information we have available, means the less we have to find for ourselves.

One thing that is extremely important to remember is that no two counties are alike. Each one handles the arrest, release and bail bonds processes differently. If you live in Miami-Dade County, the processes may be quite different than those in Sarasota County. When you call our office at 888-354-9011, we will be able to take over the case and follow the process required in whatever county your loved one is being detained in. We make it simple so you don't have to worry.

Many people do not understand the bail bonds process. They also don't realize it is their legal right according to the 8th amendment to be able to post bail and be prior to their court date. During the time the Constitution was written, being detained for long periods was common. Bail amounts that were excessive for the type of crime committed were also common. The 8th amendment provides that when bail is set it must be proportionate to the crime. Although there are extenuating circumstances, the bail set in most cases is equal to the severity of the crime. The main benefit of posting bail is early release from jail. This allows the defendant to return home to their family. They are able to return to work and begin building their case. It gives them the time they need to hire an attorney and do what is necessary to ensure their families are taken care of once the trial starts.

How Bail Works

The bail process is rather simple. It is a written contract that allows a defendant to be released from jail before their scheduled court date. They will be allowed to return home to their family and keep their job. When a person is arrested, a co-signer hires a bail bonds agent. The co-signer must pay the agent a premium that is 10% of the total bond amount. The fee is set by the state and is non-negotiable and non-refundable. Once the fee has been paid, the agent will go to the jail, post the bond and the defendant will be released. The defendant must agree to attend all required court hearings and report to the bail bond agent on a regular basis. If they do not comply with the terms of the agreement, their bail will be forfeited and they will be returned to jail.

Jail - Sarasota County
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Sheriff's Office
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Clerk of Courts - Sarasota County
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Sarasota County Public Defender
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