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Bail Bonds in Lakeland, FL

Telephone: 888-354-9011

We hope you use the information provided on our website to make an informed decision regarding your Lakeland Bail Bond needs. Our bondsman is available 24/7 to answer any of your bail bond questions. Pick up the phone and call our toll free phone number 888-354-9011 and speak to a “live” bail bondsman who will be happy to assist you by explaining the bail bond process and give in detail what you would need moving forward and discuss the services we provide at Brennan Bail Bonds in Lakeland, Florida.

We pride ourselves on offering our customers a service that is 100% confidential and secure and will go the extra step to ensure a fast and safe release of your friend or family member.

You can count on our Lakeland Bail Bondsmen to take care of all your bail bond needs in a fast and efficient manner with every consideration taken to make this process as stress free as possible for you and your loved ones.

Our bail bond agency accepts major credit cards and western union for your payment convenience. A 10% fee is required when posting a bail bond, which is from the total bail amount set by the court. If the bail is set at $5000, you will need $500 to gain the release of your loved one. This is why using a bondsmen is so important and economically wise for if you were to pay the bail yourself you would need the entire amount of bail and would need to pay in person and in cash.

When you call our office to ask about a bail bond, it is important that you have certain pieces of information. In order for us to write a bail bond, we must have the person's full name, as well as their birthday. Although it is helpful to have the location and day of their arrest, the types of charges, where they are being held and the total amount of the bond, we can find the rest of the information without it. Our agents are quite skilled at using the state of the art technology we have available and finding whatever information we may need to post the defendant's bail.

At Brennan Bail Bonds, we take our job seriously. We are well aware of your right to a fair and speedy trial. We are also aware that, according to the 8th amendment of the Constitution, you are entitled to bail, in all but a few circumstances. Judges will grant bail to almost anyone as long as they have not committed a violent crime and don't present a danger to themselves or others. Defendants will also be denied bail if they give the judge reason to believe they would be a high flight risk.

We know your time is important. No matter where you are, if you can't get to us we can still make things worse. One of our agents can meet you at work, home or the location of your choice. We also have our convenient “Bail by Phone” feature. You can be across town, across the state or across the globe, all you have to do is call our office and provide us with the information we need. We will fax you the contract. Sign it, return it and provide us with a valid credit card number so we can process your payment. All that is left to do is for our agent to go post bond and pick up your loved one when he or she is released.

The Brennan Bail Bonds agency in Lakeland, FL is open 24 hours a day. We never close. Our agents are always available to help you in your time of need. We have the skills and the expertise to help you get your loved one back home where they belong as soon as we have the information we need to start the process. Call our office today at 888-354-9011. Let us help you take the stress out of a chaotic situation. We will make sure you are not alone.

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