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Bail Bonds in Hillsborough County, FL

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Welcome to Brennan Bail Bonds

Brennan Bail Bonds of Hillsborough County, Florida would like to welcome you to our website. Our business has been family owned and operated for over two decades. We take pride in going above and beyond what is required of us just so we can make sure we get the job done right. We offer courteous, professional service to each of our clients.

We know the stress involved when dealing with an arrest. That is why all of our clients are treated with the utmost respect. When you or a loved one needs to be bailed out of jail call our office at 877-422-4599. We will help you maintain your dignity and keep your head held high.

At Brennan Bail Bonds, we have designed our website to include all of the information you will need if you ever find yourself or a loved one in jail in Hillsborough County, Florida. Each county in the state is slightly different in how they process a defendant and handle bail bonds. If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to call us. We are here to help you any time, day or night. We even work weekends and holidays.

When you contact us, there are some important things you should remember:

  • We take cash, checks and major credit/debit cards
  • In certain cases, we may require collateral
  • A co-signer will be needed to bond out the defendant
  • It will be up to the co-signer to ensure the defendant appears for all court hearings

When a defendant is being held outside of Hillsborough County, Florida, we offer a Bail by Phone service that will allow you to post bail anywhere in the state of Florida or across the country. To secure the bond, a major credit/debit card must be used or the money can be transferred via Western Union. Our agents know that being arrested does not happen on a schedule. That is why we are open 24/7/365. We are even available on weekends and holidays. Our agents are dedicated to being completely professional, efficient and courteous. In Hillsborough County, Florida, we are well aware that we may be the only source of information you may have when it comes to bailing out a loved one.

What is a bail bond?

A bail bond is a contract or financial guarantee between the court, the bail bonds agent and the co-signer that ensures a defendant will appear for any and all court dates after they have been allowed to post bail. If they do not appear in court, the bail is forfeited and the co-signer will be required to pay the entire amount of the bond.

Where can I get a bail bond?

Call Brennan Bail Bonds today at 888-354-9011 if you need to bail someone out of jail. All of our agents are licensed and will be able to discuss your situation in a private and confidential manner.

How much does a bail bond cost?

In the state of Florida, a federal bail bond requires a 15 percent premium. A single bail bond requires 10 percent of the total bond as a premium. Single bonds require a minimum of $100 as the fee. If the premium falls below that amount, the state minimum is the mandatory fee for the bond.

How long will it be before the defendant is released?

Once the paperwork is completed and the agent has posted the bail to the court or jail, the release process will begin. This time frame can fluctuate depending on how well the jail is staffed, how busy they are and other factors that are out of the bail bond agents control. In most cases, it can take from 2 to 6 hours.

Orient Road Jail
1201 Orient Road
Tampa, FL 33619
(813) 247-8371

Falkenburg Road Jail
520 N. Falkenburg Road
Tampa, FL 33619
(813) 247-0234

Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office
2008 E. 8th Ave
Tampa, FL 33605

Hillsborough County Clerk of Courts
(813) 276-8100