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Bail Bonds in Winter Garden, FL

Telephone: 888-354-9011

Hello and welcome to Brennan Bail Bonds' website! If you want to hire the best in the bail bonds business, you have come to the right place. Our friendly and knowledgeable agents are highly efficient at what they do. They take great pride in being able to locate and return your loved one to you in as short amount of time as possible. Our office in Winter Garden, Florida is staffed with professional bail bonds agents who provide reliable and extremely efficient service.

Each of our offices is staffed every minute of every day. When you call, you will speak to a live agent who is ready, willing and able to answer all of your questions. If you have an emergency and need immediate service on a bail bond in Winter Garden or any of the surrounding areas, we can accommodate you. Let us relieve your stress and soothe your fears. Our agents are trained to listen carefully to every aspect of your case and help you find a viable solution that you will be able to live with.

Brennan Bail Bonds is not just any agency. Our agents are with you every step of the way from finding out your loved one has been arrested, until they are home safe and sound after being bailed out of jail. We will attend your loved ones' court hearings and explain the entire legal process. We want you to be as comfortable as possible and will help you however we can. As part of our service to you, we will make sure the defendant understands all of their responsibilities to both the court and to our agency.

When you call our office, you will never have to deal with an answering machine or receive an automated message. We know how important it is for you to talk to real person when you are under this type of stress. Call our office today at 888-354-9011. Our agents are ready to serve you whenever you need us. If you prefer, you can always stop in at our office. You will never need an appointment and our doors will always be open. If you have an emergency, stop in and we can help you get things under control.

One of most important things to remember about a bail bond is that it is your constitutional right. Although there are offenses in which bail is not allowed such as capital murder, the majority of defendants have the right to request bail. At Brennan Bail Bonds our agents know your rights and are here to help you make sure they are protected at all times. The use of bail was created to allow defendants to be released shortly after their arrest so they can resume their normal life. They can continue to support and care for their family and keep their regular employment. It also gives them the necessary time they may need to hire an attorney and begin to build their defense. It also allows them time to financially prepare for their trial and to compensate for any work they may miss do to the court proceedings.

If your loved one is already in jail, it is important if you have the following information.

  • Defendant's name
  • Defendant's birthday
  • Location of arrest
  • Charges
  • Total amount of bail

The more information you can provide for us, the less we have to find. If we have all of the information from the beginning, we lose less time searching through numerous databases. We can start the bail bond process almost immediately and be on our way to bail out your friend or loved one in approximately 30 minutes. While our part of the process is short and sweet, the release process at the jail is the most time consuming.

If you don't have all of the information we need, we can call local law enforcement and retrieve most of it. The more information you are able to provide us, however, will make the process go much faster. Our agency is set up to take several different forms of payment including cash, Western Union money transfers, major credit cards, money orders and cashier’s checks. We also offer payment plans for our clients who qualify. We can make this work. We can come up with affordable options that will help you get your loved one home without breaking your budget.

The following questions are a few that are asked quite frequently when people call in for advice:

Q. Why do I need a Bail Bond Agency?
A. There are several reasons using a bail bonds agency is beneficial. One of the most important reasons is expense. If you post bail on your own, you will have to post the entire bond amount. For example, if a person's bail is $10,000, you will have to post the full amount. If you use a bail bond agency, you will only have to come up with $1,000. The 10 percent fee you pay is your only expense. The bail bond agency will cover the rest of the bail bond so your loved one can be released. Another reason to use a bail bond agency is that when you do, you are never alone. They will go through the entire process with you and explain every step you take.

Bail bond agents are fully licensed and bonded. They are able to make sure your rights are protected and both you and your loved one are treated fairly. When you hire a bail bond agency, you get 20 years of experience and knowledgeable agents who have seen almost every type of situation imaginable. Not only do our agents save you money, they give you peace of mind in the process.

Q. Will I need collateral?
A. Not usually. The only times collateral will be needed is if the bail bond amount is excessively high. If collateral is required, the property used must be free of liens and owned outright. In most cases, the value of the property being used as collateral must be at least 150 times the value of the bond. Homes, jewelry, land, bonds and businesses may be used as collateral when bonds are set extremely high. Although collateral cases are rare, they can be quite costly to the co-signer if the defendant chooses to not appear at their scheduled court hearing. If they cannot be found or returned to jail in a timely fashion, the property is foreclosed upon, in much the same fashion as a mortgage. The property will then be sold and the proceeds used to compensate the bail bonds agency for the loss of their bail money.

Q. What is your Bail by Phone option?
A. Our Bail by Phone option is useful when if you are out of town or home bound. If you can't make it to us, we will come to you. If you are out of town or out of the country, we can take your information and fax you the necessary documents. By using a valid credit card, you can secure the bond and fax the paperwork back to us after you have signed each page. When we everything in our possession, we will head to the jail and get your loved one released.

Whenever you need us, all you have to do is call. Brennan Bail Bonds takes pride in our ability to provide top quality service. Our offices never close so we have agents on the premises at all times. A reputable agent will answer your phone call no matter what time of day. Our phone number is 888-354-9011. We hope you liked our website and we appreciate you visiting. Let us know how we can help you!

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