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Brennan Bail Bonds has been serving Florida for over 25 years. We pride ourselves on giving our clients fast, friendly, and confidential service. Our statewide offices and unique network of bail bondsman ensures that your case will be handled in a timely manner. Brennan Bail Bonds services all counties and jails in Florida. Nationwide bail bond service is also available. Our Florida bail bonds agents are available 24/7. Call us now, 877-422-4599, we will be happy to explain the entire bail bond process and take you every step of the way. A licensed bail bondsman is always available to take your call.

You will find information that will help you not only before a bail bond in is posted, but during the entire case process. Each Florida county under our Agency Search, will have the information for that county including and Inmate Lookup along with jail numbers and contacts for that counties Clerk of Court office. Also find numbers for Public Defenders office and the State Attorney's office for that district of Florida. Again, if you have any questions, call our office, 877-422-4599. Brennan Bail Bonds makes the process quick and easy. We look forward to speaking with you.

Q: What is a Florida Bail Bond?

A: Basically, a bail bond is a guarantee that the defendant will attend all scheduled court dates requested by the court. When a bail bond is written, usually a fee of 10% is paid to a bail bondsman to post the full bond amount to the jail.

Q: How much do Florida Bail Bonds cost?
A: The premium on all Florida Bail Bonds is 10%. No bail bond agency can charge you any more or any less. On larger bonds, payment plans are available if qualified. To see if you qualify for our payment plan, call our office and speak with one of our bail bondsman to further discuss you options.

Q: Is collateral needed?
A: No. In most cases, collateral is not needed. Some paperwork and the premium fee is all that is required. Since each case is unique, we ask that you call our office and speak with a licensed bondsman to further discuss whether collateral is needed for your bail bond.

Q: How long does the bail bond process take?
A: We can have you approved in minutes. The entire bail bond process can be done over the phone. Once the bail bond is posted, the release time can be from 1-4 hours depending on which county the defendant is in. More Bail Bond F.A.Q

Why BrennanBail.com?
Our service is unique and the most efficient. We service all of our customers out of one office then contact our agents throughout the state to post the bond at the jail. This ensures consistency in our bail bond service and allows you to deal with the same bail bondsman throughout the court process. We offer all types of payment options such as: Cash, AMEX (American Express), VISA, Master Card, Discover, PayPal, Money Gram, Western Union, Bank Transfer, ACH Checks, and also payment plans.

there are many ways that BrennanBail can assist you with your Florida bail bond. If you have access to a fax machine, we can fax the required documents to you to be completed. All forms can be also emailed to you, or we can have you electronically complete your documents that allows you to never have to leave you computer. This service is free of charge and usually takes about five minutes. Please let us know if any of these services are of interest to you.

Immigration Bonds
Brennan Bail Bonds is one of the few Florida Bail Bond Companies that are able to post Immigration Bonds. These types of bonds require a premium of 15% due to the more risk associated with them. All immigration bonds will require collateral of some sort. Most times it either involves cash (or credit card), or real property. We would be happy to assist you in posting an Immigration bond. Please call
877-422-4599 and speak with our Immigration Bond specialist. Read more on Immigration Bonds

Federal Bonds
Federal Bail Bonds are rare, but are needed. We are also available to assist you with Federal Bonds. Because of the risk associated, federal bail bonds also require a 15% premium. Read more on Federal Bonds.

Warrant Information
If you are inquiring to see if you have a warrant, please have the following information ready. What charge you think the warrant might be for, when do you estimate the warrant was issued, and what county the warrant is in. Most times, warrant information can be found either online or by calling the sheriffs office in that county where you think you may have a warrant. Some counties do not give out this information and would require a bail bondsman to call to get this type of information.

Once we find what out what the warrant is for, we will also know if there has been a bond placed on it. If bond has been placed, you will want to handle all of the bail bond paperwork first before turning yourself in. Most counties allow bondsman to post bond as soon as the defendant surrenders themselves to the jail. This is the most efficient way to take care of the warrant.

Bail Bond Rates
The bail bond rate, or premium, in Florida is 10%. Unlike some other states, this rate is a flat rate and cannot be negotiated. You may come across other bondsmen who claim they will “discount” the rate; however, dealing with unscrupulous bonds like this may put you and the defendant in a worse situation. It is always safer to deal with a bondsman who charges the full 10% premium. Payment plans are sometimes offered on larger bonds.

Bail Bond Collateral
Collateral is something of value used to secure a bail bond. This can be in the form of cash, credit card, signatures, real property, automobiles, stocks, and other things of value. If cash collateral is given, it is held in a separate trust account either managed by the bonding agency or the surety company the agent writes for. If you used a credit card, a percentage fee may be charge on any collateral returned.

The most common form of collateral is the use of an indemnity agreement and promissory note. These two contacts hold the signers financially responsible for the full amount of the bond on the event of forfeiture. This is the simplest and lowest from of collateral and is used mainly on smaller bonds.

If property is used for a bail bond, it is in the form of a mortgage. Most agencies will cover the cost of recording. When requesting using a home for collateral, we will need to ask you all of the names that are on the deed and the address. A title search will be performed and if there is sufficient equity in the property, we will prepare the mortgage. Once the court case is over, a satisfaction will be recorded.

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Brennan Bail Bonds has been serving Florida for over 25 years.  We pride ourselves on giving our clients fast, friendly, and confidential service.