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Bail Bonds in Indian River County, FL

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Indian River County Bail Bonds Service takes pride in having state of the art technology as well as a unique bail bonds process that can be completed over the phone. We make it easy for anyone to get a bail bond in Indian River County, Florida.

Our agents set the standard when it comes to bail bonds in the state of Florida. We charge a 10 percent premium for each bail bond we write. The amount of the premium can change depending on the nature of the bond and the risk involved. This normally has to do with the bond being an immigration or federal bond. We have several agents available that can serve these types of bail bonds.

Once the information has been collected, the forms filled out and the bond secured, the release process will begin. Depending on the facility, it can take from 2 to 6 hours. The bonds agent has nothing to do with the inside workings of the jail. The cost of the bond also has little to do with it.

Once the defendant is released, they may have to fill out paperwork at the bail bonds office. Once that is complete and they have been filled in about their court dates and other requirements, they will be released to go home. The co-signer of the bond is responsible for the defendant and must make sure they attend their court hearings if they want to get their bail money returned.

In Indian River County, Florida, Brennan Bail Bonds agents are required to be licensed before they can write a bail contract or post bond. Each agent must be thoroughly trained and pass several exams. They must also have good credit and no prior criminal history. In order to operate as a bail bonds agent, they must have the capital to fund their agency or be insured by a third party.

How Bail Bonds Work

If a person is arrested and it is determined that they are eligible for bail, their loved one can hire a bail bonds agent to bond them out of jail. They will need a co-signer who will put up 10 percent of the total bond and sign a financial agreement where they take responsibility for the defendant and guarantee they will appear in court at all of their hearings. Brennan Bail Bonds may require collateral before they agree to secure the bond.

The charges will determine what types of collateral may be used when securing the bond. After the case is closed and the defendant has fulfilled his obligation to the court, the collateral or cash will be released to the co-signer.

The Bonding Process

After an arrest in Indian River County, the defendant is booked and a bond amount is determined. If bail is posted, the defendant can be released to their family in a few short hours.

Court Dates

After they are released, the defendant must appear at all of his or her scheduled court hearings. If a person is involved in more than one case, they may have to attend several court dates to remain in compliance. The defendant is required to keep a record of each court date and its corresponding case, attend each hearing and notify the court of any changes in their address or contact information.

Indian River Jail
7625 17th Street S.W.
Vero Beach, Florida 32968
(561) 564-2795

Indian River Sheriff's Office
4055 41st Ave.
Vero Beach, FL 32960
(772) 569-6700

Indian River Clerk of Court
Felony: (772) 770-5185 x3154
Misdemeanor: (772) 770-5185 x3178