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Bail Bonds in Columbia County, FL

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In Columbia County, the right bail bond agency can relieve your stress and help you relax knowing you have a highly qualified team of experts working for you. When a person gets arrested, the reaction reaches far and wide. Friends and family members are often called in the hopes of finding enough monetary resources to post bail. Brennan Bail Bonds, located in Columbia County, Florida can help. We use our extremely efficient system to make the process as simple as possible.

It can be frustrating to find out that a friend or loved one has been arrested and taken to jail. If you have never had to deal with bail bonds before the entire process can seem quite overwhelming. Applying for a bond with our Columbia County bail bonds agency, takes the stress out of the situation. The agents at Brennan Bail Bonds are here to see you through this distressing time. We make sure you understand what is going on and help you get through the entire process from start to finish.

Depending on the county, the time it takes to completely fill out the application and get the process started can vary. The length of time it takes to work through the process is out of the bail bond agents' hands, but when they say they can get things done quickly, you can rest assured they are working to get you through the system as quickly as possible.

Brennan Bail Bonds services not only Columbia County, but the entire state of Florida. We can complete the entire bail bonds process over the phone if you have a credit or debit card at your disposal. Contact our agency in Columbia County if you need our services. We provide fast and confidential bail bonds any time of day or night. Call our office at 888-354-9011 to find out how soon we can get the process started. If need be, we can come to you. If, for some reason, you cannot leave your home or office, one of our agents will meet you wherever you happen to be. We can also take care of the paperwork over the phone if that is easier. Our agency accepts a variety of different payment options including cash, credit and debit cards, certified checks and different types of collateral. One or more of our agents is always on duty at our Columbia County office. Every day of the week, every week of the year we are here at your disposal. If you need the services of a professional bail bonds agent, call our office today!

What Happens After Being Arrested in Columbia County, Florida?

If you or a loved one is arrested in Columbia County you will be taken to the county jail and the booking process will begin. After you have been processed, you will find out if you are eligible to be released on bail. If you believe a friend or family member has been arrested and is being held in the Columbia County jail, call Brennan Bail Bonds immediately at 1-888-354-9011. We can determine if the person is being held there and what their total amount of bond is going to be.

What is a bail bond?

Bail bonds are legal and binding contracts made between three separate parties. They include:

The Principal – The defendant is the accused individual who is requiring the services of a bail bonds agent to obtain their release from jail. The defendant will be responsible for attending each and every court scheduled appearance as well as complying with all of the stipulations outlined in the bail bond agreement.

The Obligee – The obligee is the Court in the county where the arrest was made. The defendant has agreed with the court to make all court scheduled appearances and will fulfill all of their obligations up to the end of the case.

The Surety – The surety is the insurance company or bail bonds agent who has posted the needed bail to obtain the release of the defendant. This ensures that the defendant will attend all scheduled court dates and fulfill all of the obligations outlined by the court.

Columbia County Jail
389 N.W. Quinten Street
Lake City, FL 32055
(386) 755-7000

Columbia County Sheriff Office
4917 East US Highway 90
Lake City, FL. 32055
(386) 752-9212

Columbia County Clerk of Courts
Misdemeanor: (386) 758-1045
Felony: (386) 758-1056

Columbia County State Attorney

Columbia County Public Defender