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Bail Bonds in LaBelle, FL

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With over two decades of experience working with bail bonds, Brennan Bail Bonds is well respected throughout the state of Florida, as well as in the city of LaBelle. We are extremely efficient and make every effort to be 100 percent confidential in all matters. Our customers are our priority.

If a friend or family member has been arrested, you will want to hire the best bail bonds agent in the business. You want the process to go as smoothly as possible without any obstacles or concerns. That is why hiring Brennan Bail Bonds is the smart choice. Our agency gives the residents of LaBelle, Florida peace of mind and the security of knowing we are doing everything within our power to bring their loved one home.

The Bail Process

There are 5 basic steps in the bail bonds process. They include:

1. A person commits a crime and gets arrested
2. Law enforcement detains the person and transports them to the local jail
3. After they arrive at the jail, the booking process will begin and can last up to 5 hours.
4. Once you are notified that they are in jail, the first thing to do is call Brennan Bail Bonds and start the bail bonds process.
5. One of our agents will take the paperwork to the jail and the release process will begin. This can take up to 4 hours, depending on the size of the jail and how busy they are.

The defendant will be able to make one phone call, normally to make sure they have a ride home.

Whether you use Brennan Bail Bonds or another agency, it is extremely important to read the entire bail bonds paperwork before you sign it. Make sure you understand and agree with everything contained in the paperwork. If something is wrong or you don't understand it, ask questions until you do. The line of communication between a bail bonds agent and their client should be completely open and honest. No one should hide anything or provide any false information.

If your loved one is arrested in a different county or state, ask one of our agents about Brennan Bail Bonds convenient Bail by Phone feature. This feature is designed to take the stress off of you and provide your loved one with a way to be bailed out of jail. To use this service you will need to have at your disposal a copy machine, fax machine and a valid credit or debit card. We can complete the entire process over the phone, in a matter of minutes.

Hendry County Jail
101 S. Brigde Street
Labelle, Fl. 33935

Hendry County Clerk of Courts
25 E. Hickpoochee Ave.
SR 80 corner SR 29
Criminal: (863) 675-5209

Hendry County State Attorney
(863) 612-4920

Hendry County Public Defender
(863) 675-5263