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Bail Bonds in Santa Rosa County, FL

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Bail Bonds in Santa Rosa County, FL

Arrested and need Bail Bonds in Santa Rosa County Information?

For people who have never had any problems with the law, being arrested can be very frightening. Unless you have or a loved one has been through it, you may not know where to turn or who to talk to. Hiring a trusted and well-respected bail bonds agency is the first step to getting yourself back on track. At Brennan Bail Bonds our agents know the process and work hand in hand with both law enforcement officers and local criminal attorneys. Our experience in the industry gives us a unique advantage over other agencies in the area. We know the law and we know your rights. We can help you.

Bail Bonds Services in Santa Rosa County

By hiring us, you will save yourself time and money. We do the work so you don't have to. Instead of paying full cash price for a bond, we will post your bond for a fraction of the cost. Where you would be 100%, we can post the bond for you for 10% of the total cost of the bond. Our premium is state regulated and cannot be negotiated. The premium goes to cover administrative costs that go into writing and securing the bond. We do the work so you don't have to.

At Brennan Bail Bonds, every agent is licensed and insured. They have the most extensive training of any agents in the state of Florida and are well versed in every step of the bail bonds process. Our agency has been in business for over 20 years. During that time, we have made a name for ourselves as the premier bail bonds agency in the state of Florida. We work diligently to make sure your all of your needs are met. That includes keeping our offices open 24 hours a day.

Everyone has the right to bail. The 8th amendment to the Constitution guarantees that. There are exceptions though. Individuals who are perceived to be a high flight risk or a danger to themselves or others will most likely be denied bail. Another instance where bail will be denied is if the crime that was committed was extremely violent and resulted in the death of another person.

What Types of Crime Would Require Bail Bond Services?

Our bail bonds agents have experience dealing with defendants who have been charged with all kinds of criminal activity. We can post bail for both misdemeanor and felony charges. If the judge sets a bail bond amount, we can do the work and get your loved one released from custody in just a few hours. Depending on the severity of the offense and the type of crime, bail may be set extremely high and require a certain amount of collateral. That is not a problem for our agents. We can make things happen. Every situation is different. The agents at Brennan Bail Bonds can give you peace of mind and help guide you through the process.

In some cases, a defendant may have multiple charges. When this happens, they will be sent in front of a judge. The judge will look at the charges and the corresponding bail amounts and come up with a single amount that is compensatory and fair. When one or more of the charges are repetitive, they may be grouped together or thrown out depending on the discretion of the judge. Whatever is decided will have a direct effect on the amount of the bail. The more charges a person has against them, the greater the risk that they will be held without bond, especially if one or more of the charges are quite severe in nature.

Santa Rosa County, FL

According to the 2010 census, Santa Rose County, FL had a population of approximately 151,372. Established in 1842, Santa Rose County gets its name from Rosa de Vertibo, a Roman Catholic saint. Until 2007, Santa Rosa was known as a “dry” county because the sale of alcoholic beverages was prohibited. Santa Rosa County is comprised of three main sections, North Santa Rose, Central Santa Rosa and South Santa Rosa. The primary east/west highways that divide the county form the boundaries for each section.