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Bail Bonds in Ocoee, FL

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Thank you for visiting the Brennan Bail Bonds website! We have gained a reputation for being one of the fastest, most efficient bail bonds agencies in the area. For over 20 years, we have made our client's needs a priority. Our goal is to be available whenever our services are needed, any time of the day, holidays or weekends. We are the first to admit that an arrest often occurs when we least expect it and almost always after normal business hours. Making sure your loved one is returned to your family as soon as possible is why we are in business.

When it comes to bail bonds, our agency is ready to serve you in every way possible. If you call our agency, you will speak to a live agent who will be able to answer all of your questions and help you get through this difficult time. Our agents specialize in writing various types of bonds. We work efficiently with members of law enforcement as well as individuals within the courts system. This way, the process goes smoothly and your loved one is out of jail and back home where they belong in a relatively short period of time.

Many people do not realize that being able to post bail is a constitutional right. This allows every American citizen the ability to post bail. There are certain instances, however, when bail is denied. This usually occurs when the crime committed is so severe that the judge believes bail should not be granted. Bail can also be denied if the judge believes the defendant to be a flight risk or would harm themselves or others if they were released back into society. There are cases where the mental health of the defendant is called into question. In these situations, instead of bail, the judge will release the defendant to a psychiatric facility for evaluation. The evaluation may last however long the facility deems necessary, especially if the crime that was committed was extremely violent in nature. If the evaluation is completed before the defendant's court date, they are returned to the jail and may request a new bail review.

Please supply the following when calling our Agency.

When you call our agency, you will need to have several pieces of information for our agents to start the process. Our agents are capable of searching various databases to find any bits of information you might not have, but the more you can provide will make the process go that much faster. The two most essential pieces of information are the defendant's name and birthday. Other information that is useful would be location and date of arrest, where the defendant is being held, what the charges are and how much is bail.

Once we have this information, we can get the process started. As soon as you complete the paperwork and we secure the funds needed for bail, one of our agents will go to the jail and post the defendant's bond. The release process will begin as soon as the bond has been received and recorded at the jail. It can take two to eight hours for the release process to be completed. Once everything is finished, the defendant will be released to the bail bonds agent. After signing a few more papers the defendant will be allowed to go home to his family as long as he agrees to comply with the terms of his release.

What is a “Bail by Phone” option?

Our convenient Bail by Phone option can be used by anyone, anytime, anywhere. If you are across the state or across the globe, call into our agency and we will get things in motion. All you need to complete the Bail by Phone process is a credit card, copy machine and fax machine. Once we have sent you the paperwork and you have read and signed where needed, send the paperwork back to us and we will process your payment. When every thing is wrapped up, we will be on our way to the jail to get your loved one out of jail. We will be there when they are released to answer their questions and let them know their court date and any other requirements the court may have requested.

24 hours a day, we are at your disposal. Even when finding yourself away from home. You don't have to be out of touch. Our offices are staffed every minute of every day to help make whatever your going through just a little bit easier. You have the option of calling our office or visiting our website. Our knowledgeable staff is waiting to answer your questions and help you understand the bail bonds process. The courts may run on a tightly controlled schedule, but law enforcement does not. Arrests take place both day and night. That is why we keep our staff on duty at all times. We even work weekends and holidays to make sure we are there when you need us the most. Unlike other bail bonds agencies, we have no use for automated messages or answering machines. Our phones are always answered by one of our competent bail bonds agents.

Our agents are fully licensed and insured and ready to answer your call. If you or a loved one finds themselves on the opposite side of the law and need a qualified bail bonds agent, call our office today at 888-354-9011. We are here to help you. Whenever you are ready, just let us know so we can get the process started. Professional, personalized and efficient services are three of the most important aspects of what we do. In our industry, it pays to be compassionate and caring.

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