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Bail Bonds in Miami Dade, FL

Local Telephone: 305-445-0201

We have offices located throughout the state of Florida. This includes the Miami Dade area. We have been serving the Miami Dade area for well over 25 years. We know our competition and encourage you to do your research before calling our office. We guarantee to be the best in the area. The Dade County area has several different bond agencies, but we have the agents who will treat you like family.

You will need to have the following information when you call our office:

  • Defendant's legal name
  • Birth date
  • Arrest date
  • Pending Charges
  • Previous criminal history

You can start the bail bonds process by phone or by stopping into our office for a personal visit. We understand the stress and anxiety you feel when thinking of your loved one being behind bars. When you call our office, make sure you have the information you need as well as your payment information. We require a 10 percent premium on any Florida bail bonds. In some cases, only a signature is needed. When you call your agent, they will be able to go over any options you may have and what it will cost you.

How Bail Bonds Work

Individuals who have been arrested for certain crimes have a constitutional right to post a bail bond and be released prior to their court hearing. The Court sets the bond amounts in Miami-Dade cases. To obtain a bond, a co-signer must provide a 10 percent premium to cover the cost of writing the bail. If collateral is needed, it must be provided prior to the posting of the bail. Collateral is required to make sure a defendant attends their scheduled court appearances.

Collateral requirements can be different due to the charges and special circumstances. After the case is closed and all obligations have been met, the collateral will be returned to the co-signer.

The Bonding Process

There are two main facilities in Miami-Dade County where individuals are taken into custody. After the booking process is complete and the bond is set, we can post the bond and wait for your loved one to be released. This may take a few hours.

Court Dates

Once a defendant is bailed out of jail, they are required to appear at all court dates and comply will all of the courts' demands. When a person has more than one case, they may also have more than one court date. A defendant must constantly report any change of address to the Clerk of Courts.

Miami Bail Bond Payment Options

Brennan Bail Bonds accepts a variety of payment options. We take cash, Western Union, PayPal, major credit/debit cards and wire transfers. Call our local office and find out what payment options will work for your case. Our number is 305-445-0201.

Miami Dade Jail
2525 NW 62 Street
Miami, FL 33147
(786) 263-7000

Miami-Dade Police Department
9105 NW 25 ST
Doral, Fl 33172

Miami-Dade Clerk of Courts
Richard E. Gerstein Justice Bldg.
1351 NW 12th Street, 9th Floor
Miami, FL. 33125
Phone: (305) 275-1155

Miami Dade Court House
73 West Flagler St.
Miami, Florida 33130
Phone: (305) 275-1155