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We all learn from those who go before us. Here are the most frequently asked questions (and our answers) about Brevard County Bail Bonds. If you have additional questions about Bail Bonds, you are welcome to call at anytime.

Does the judge always set bail?
Usually. When someone is arrested, the judge usually sets bail so that the detainee can go home, but is motivated to show up for court proceedings. The more serious the crime and the greater the flight risk, the higher the bail ā€“ and vice versa.

Do I have to hire a Brevard County Bail Bonds Service?
No. You can bail out your loved one on your own if you wish. There is no legal requirement to hire a Bail Bonds company.

How much do you charge for a Brevard County Bail Bond?
Most bail bonds cost 10% of the bail amount.

If a federal or immigration bail bond is needed, the fee is 15%. These are standard fees, set by law, meaning all Brevard County Bail Bond companies must charge the same fees.

How long does it take to get someone out of jail?
Usually 1 to 4 hours after the judge sets bail.

Our approved Brevard County Bail Bonds companies are fully licensed and highly experienced; they are staffed 24 hours a day, have access to large sums of cash for bail, and have an electronic process to get your loved one out of jail ASAP.

Do I have to go to the jail?
No. If you hire one of our Brevard County Bail Bonds companies, no. You do not have to go to the jail.

Yes. However, if you want to bail out your loved one on your own, then yes. You must go to the jail.

How do I hire one of your approved Brevard County Bail Bonds Companies?
Call 877-422-4599. This is the toll free number for our Bail by Phone system. When you call, you will reach a real person who will help you.

What if my loved one is in another jail, not a Brevard County Jail?
No worries.
Our Bail Bonds companies can help to bond your loved one out of jail in Brevard County ā€“ anywhere in the state of Florida ā€“ and even anywhere in the entire United States.

Iā€™m in New York; can I still hire you to get my loved one out of jail in Brevard County?
Yes. You can be anywhere in the entire world and still hire one of our approved Brevard County Bail Bond services.

Basic requirements come with information you will need to know about on the Defendant. Simple questions will need to be answered, and already knowing the defendant, the information required should be at hand. To begin the Bail Bond application, you will need to know:

Full name of the Defendant concerned
Full date of birth of the Defendant
Arrest Date of the Defendant

With all the above, the application can begin. Two other concerns required by the Bail Bondsman will signal the end of the beginning, for they will have all the necessary information to initiate a search of their own. Their own search will bring up all the data they will need about the Defendant and their case. What the Bail Bondsman or Bail Bond Agency of Brevard County will need is:

  • The amount the Bail has set at
  • A major credit card

Brevard County Jail
860 Camp Road
Cocoa, Florida 32927
Phone: (321) 690-1500 "0"
Booking: (321) 690-1539
Brevard Sheriff's Office
700 S Park Avenue
Titusville, FL. 32780

Brevard County Clerk of Court
Criminal (321) 637-5413
Official Records (321) 637-2006
Brevard County Official Records

Brevard County State Attorney
400 South St.
Titusville, Florida 32780
(321) 264-6933

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